StayTeen: Helping Youths Prepare Informed Decisions Regarding Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, StayTeen.org was the #1 web site for teens, motivating them to enjoy their youth while making life’s most significant choices, like when to have intercourse, whenever they’re positively ready, with a revamped look, they are performing that much better than ever.

Whenever teens desire someplace to visit discover more about sex, pregnancy, relationships and stuff like that, they don’t actually check-out government web pages. They demand a location of their own, that will be why StayTeen.org was created.

For the past nine decades, Stay Teen might the go-to reference for teenagers, a unique spot on online just for them where they can get info that handles the difficulties they love the most without leading them to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Nowadays, keep Teen is debuting a brand new look several completely new features, with an important focus getting well quality content.

„We’re really excited about it because we have discovered such with what the market desires, so we’ve specially placed a focus on community,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, movie director of marketing and sales communications. „we realize young adults love to mention this stuff, however in a place which is as well as non-judgmental, so we made a genuine work on centering on permitting teenagers to touch upon creating an area in which they could ask lots of concerns and see answers.”

Stay Teen’s people vary in ages from 13 to 17, although site conforms the posts with regards to the age amount and situation. Commensurate with this theme, keep teenage will offer even more content material which is published by kids, such as subject areas like avoiding maternity and soon you’re prepared, establishing healthier connections, dealing with breakups and a lot more.

„All of those conditions that manage intercourse, connections, matchmaking and everything under that massive umbrella is actually what we talk about, and we try to target carrying it out in a manner that is quite teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details as to what the newest website involves, plus the profitable resources Stay teenage continues to offer.

Getting teens for the driver’s seat

While Stay teenage’s most widely used post is „may i become pregnant If…?” the fresh new website will cover a level bigger number of subject areas, such as the dangers of unsafe sex, choosing a variety of contraception available and ways to go over those problems with a family doctor.

„That post provides really shown us that our target is actually discovering sex in addition to their sexuality, and they are uncertain what the consequences tend to be because of this conduct,” Sheets Pika said.

Not things are switching.

Stay teenage continues to have some great characteristics that have for ages been very useful to their market, including their Health Center Finder that will help kids find doctors nearby and Method Explorer which allows teenagers to learn about different forms of contraceptive and which could work good for them.

„We believe this is really beneficial to kids because most of the time, they don’t want their unique moms and dads to know they’re getting birth-control, so they are attempting to figure out someplace they can go which is cheap, non-judgmental and a few spot they can stroll or bus to,” she said. „the purpose would be to put teenagers in driver’s seat with training by themselves on various kinds of methods. Our message is actually we wish you to delight in your child years and hesitate gender unless you’re actually prepared, that might mean if you are more mature women hookups.”

Connecting the space between adolescents and parents

From of use services to fun games to collaborative activities, like 14th Annual National Day to stop Teen Pregnancy that encourages individuals to take into account just how an unexpected maternity would alter their everyday lives, teenagers and parents as well tend to be supplied with most reliable information because of remain teenage.

„kids are researching things that they failed to if not learn about, and many more notably, these include referring to this site using their buddies, through its men and, surprisingly, making use of their moms and dads,” Sheets Pika mentioned. „All of our aim should have significantly more available and honest talks among kids and moms and dads.”

To see keep teenage’s brand new site and learn more about the amazing things they do, see stayteen.org.

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