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The following is a list of reasons to https://intuit-payroll.org/ your past-due tax returns. Each year, the IRS receives information from third parties (e.g., W-2, Form 1099-B, Form 1099-Rs’, Form 1099-C’s, etc), which are linked to you social security number.

  • And when that day does come, they will take swift and drastic action.
  • In some cases, criminal charges and prison time are possible.
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  • This meant Congress must unanimously vote to change the constitution to create a tax on income.

Generally, if the IRS Unfiled Tax Return Information s taxes on your behalf, the SFR tax forms won’t include any credits or exemptions. However, the IRS generally imposes penalties and interest on tax due from missing returns. If you have a tax debt resulting from these back tax returns, we may also likely request a penalty abatement for our clients. Most years, the IRS requires you to file your taxes by April 15th. If you don’t file your tax return you may receive late penalties, and your refund could be delayed or even forfeited if filed late enough. Our TurboTax Live Full Service Guarantee means your tax expert will find every dollar you deserve.

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The IRS has a number of penalties they can assess when you file a tax return late. Simply filing the return late can result in a “failure to file” penalty. If you owe tax on those returns, but did not pay prior to April 15 of the following year, you may also get a “failure to pay” penalty. These penalties are in addition to the interest you’d owe on any unpaid tax. The IRS will also assess penalties and interest on your account for any unfiled tax returns. The Failure-to-File penalty is five percent of the unpaid tax due for each month that an unfiled tax return is late.


The IRS will only generate a substitute for return if doing so will create a bill. Additionally, the tax due with the SFR may be overstated since the IRS will not take advantage of exemptions, credits, and deductions available. Every year millions of Americans finish the year with an unfiled tax return or non-filed tax return. Some don’t need to file, but many others forget or ignore the process.

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There is also a 3-year statute of limitations for claiming a tax refund. This means that if you did not file your taxes when a refund would have been owed to you, you have 3 years to claim it by filing. If the 3 years pass without you claiming your refund, the IRS doesn? T have to legally pay it out to you and you forfeit that money. The strategy of filing your unfiled tax returns starting from the oldest tax year helps to minimize your taxes if a carryforward is needed. When you hire a tax professional to help with your back taxes, they can file your unfiled returns, but they can also help you deal with any taxes that you owe. Dealing with the IRS on your own can be stressful and confusing.

If you put false information in your tax filing or you’ve created in any other way on your taxes, you could get up to $250,000 in fines and up to five years in prison. Honesty is the best policy when filing your taxes, especially if you don’t want to miss up to five years of your life. In fact, you’re only protected by a time limit if you file your taxes, at which point the IRS only has 10 years to collect from the date you filed. Congress pressed this date forward to March fifteenth then April fifteenth where it remained. Now that the 16th amendment is in the constitution, it’s illegal to forget to file your taxes. And the Federal government now has the authority to collect those taxes by force through the court of law. The government hasn’t always required income tax filing.